my last day :(

Friday 27th june was my last day i was the first on to cry becase i gave Miss keane a present (it was sad:( i was a bit weary after that but i came through i didn’t cry for the rest of the day but all the girls would think you would be happy to leave school but No!!! every girl in the class was sad because they were leaving i am keeping my blog so don’t be afraid to comment

Alice the musical

yesterday i was in the town hall from 6:45 till 9:30 i was in a show called accent on schools.this is where 10 or so schools from the falkirk area put on a show.We did Alice in wonerland the musical and guess what i was ALICE!!!!!!!! Jaydean was the Mad Hatter,Nina the White Rabbit,Monica the Hare,Bethany was Lewis Carrol and Rhiann a picnic girl i also want to say th_thanks.pngto Miss Kean for puting it all together

here is some pics

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Alice   tweedleleamptweedledum   Alice in Wonderland

here is  little clips of the songs we sing 

Miss Law

party-041.jpgdear miss law

I miss you very much and i think  that you will make a great teacher

Miss Law’s leaving party was great and there was dancing,singing and some of us were very emotional. Monica lol

Ma Best Friend Jaydean

My Best friend Jaydean is really funny,

she has a nick name, it is Hunny.

My best friend Jaydean,she makes me smile,

for her i would walk a mile.

My best friend Jaydean,she loves to dance,

Us together we will prance

My best friend Jaydean, is so clean,

she could be mistaken for the queen.

Our Christmas Dance

A couple of weeks ago we had our Christmas dance.There were lots of fun games,a big buffet with YUMMY!!! food and obviously Social Dancing =S social dancing is ok but we’re not to sure about it!!We also did dances like the macarena and Cha Cha slide.We had a great time and all went home pretty tired!!!By Chloe and Jaydean.x


Hi everybody  just like to say merry exmas and happy new year hope you get what you want and these elfs are the ones making the toys (click here)they are really funny! I also want to say merry xmas to all my friends in my class and happy new year

plz comment and tell me who the best dancer is left(Jaydean) right(me Chloe) middle (Anna)


Are we there yet


      INTRESTING FACTS1.      The first night they camped out in streaky bay.2.     They found Quokkas in the desert.3.     Pinnacles stick out the sand4.    The days are hot and the nights are cold.5.    Uluru rock is huge rock that changes colours at different times of day.6.    Uluru rock is the heart of
There are lots of cattle at the top part of
Australia there is a rainforest.
9.     Eucalyptus trees make a blue haze. 
Questions1.      Have you ever seen the blue haze formed by the eucalyptus trees?2.     Have you seen the uluru rock change colour?3.     Have you ever been to Canberra?(the cold part of
4.    Have seen the pinnacles stick out of the sand? 


Ma Voki

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